Thursday, August 14, 2014

Moving our Twinpanzee Brewing Co fundraising campaign to a new home!

Well it's time for a move!
After taking some great advice, we've decided to move our fundraising campaign to IndieGoGo. Why are we moving our campaign to IndieGoGo?

Flexibility and increased visibility!

The flexibility part of IndieGoGo allows our supporters to make a pledge using ANY credit card or your PayPal account! You don't have to register for an Amazon account and don't have to link it to your Kickstarter account. IndieGoGo allows users to makes it easier to make a pledge by using whatever credit card you have or by using your PayPal account.

The visibility part of our move allows us to get away from the spawn of "I wanna make potato salad" campaigns on Kickstarter. Our project seems to have been buried under similar "I want to make beer" type campaigns that sadly have taken away from more deserving projects. Although Kickstarter claims to review projects prior to allowing them to go live, Kickstarter is overflowing with these type of nonsense projects hoping to cash in on goofy campaigns.

For this reason, we are kindly asking all of our current backers to PLEASE cancel your Kickstarter pledges and make a similar pledge on our IndieGoGo project. You can get to our project via the following links.

IndieGoGo URL:

Twinpanzee URLs:

We know it's a HUGE risk to relaunch our fundraising campaign on a different site, but we feel the flexibility and visibility on IndieGoGo will better help us meet our goals. We're going to leave our Kickstarter project page up and running until it expires next Thursday (August 21st) as a way to redirect users to our IndieGoGo project page. Because we're far from reaching our $25,000 goal, none of our backers will be charged...promise!

So please help us get the word out and visit our new home on IndieGoGo. We've adjusted our reward levels in order to make sure we can reach our newly set goal. Thanks so much for your support and time and we hope you'll check out our new fundraising campaign at IndieGoGo. All the best and remember to please support your local breweries & cheers to VA beer!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Kickstarter Update #4: Twinpanzee in Northern Virginia Magazine & 1st Beer Tasting a SUCCESS!

First Beer Tasting a SUCCESS!

We had our FIRST official Twinpanzee Brewing Co beer tasting this past Saturday at PING! We had a phenomenal time meeting new Twinpanzee fans, pouring our tasty brews and chatting about beer. We're truly thankful to everyone that took time out of their weekend to attend our beer tasting. We got some great feedback and our primate egos were fed with many great compliments about our three beers. We'll have some pictures of the event soon, but for now here's cool collage courtesy of one of our early supporters:

Image courtesty of Nate Hill
Image courtesy of Nate Hill
It was great to see that almost everyone stayed for the merchandise raffle where we gave away Twinpanzee growlers, t-shirts, glasses, stickers and bottle openers. The raffle was a great way to give attendees a sneak peek of our Kickstarter rewards. If you attended our beer tasting and would like a growler, t-shirt, glass or other merchandise, please make a Kickstarter pledge and choose your reward.

Thanks again to everyone that attended and a HUGE thank you to the PING family for hosting our beer tasting event at their beautiful restaurant. Please show your love for PING by supporting their restaurant and ordering one of their many craft beer offerings to go with your gourmet lunch or dinner!

Twinpanzee Brewing Co Continues It's Media Blitz!

Last week Ariel Yong from Northern Virginia Magazine wrote up a great article about our brewery-to-be. Thanks to Ms Yong's article, our beer tasting was able to generate over 200 RSVPs! If you haven't had a chance to read the article, please visit the following link:

The article does an incredible job of telling the public about Twinpanzee Brewing Co and what we're trying to achieve via our Kickstarter project. Speaking of our Kickstarter project...

Current Pledge Status - Please fill the glass!!

Because of your generous pledges, we passed the $5K mark and are well on our way to $6K. Thank you to all of our Kickstarter supporters and to the folks that have taken the time to watch our movie. Today marks the beginning of our 4th week on Kickstarter, and we really need YOUR help to fill the glass!!

Please help us fill the glass!!
Please help us fill the glass!!
Please pledge what you can as we really need your help in reaching our ultimate goal! Every pledge counts so please share our project page and encourage family and friends to make a pledge. We received our rewards and let me tell you, they look GREAT! The growlers look amazing, the pint glasses are really cool and the t-shirts are pretty darn slick!

Please pledge what you can and help us spread the word about our project! Thanks so much for reading and let's hope we can make Week #4 the week we hit our 1st funding goal.

Thanks again and have a wonderful week.

Please remember to support our Kickstarter project by making a pledge at:

Thanks in advance for your generosity & cheers to you!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Wahoooo!! Someone added us to Untappd!!

Well nerves be damned we had an AWESOME beer tasting event!!!  I'll sum everything up in a later post, but here's the coolest part...


Our beer tasting brews on Untappd! SO COOL!!

It's SO cool to see our brewery's name, our brews and reviews about our beer!  Right now my ego is growing and growing as I love seeing the ratings and reading the user feedback. Honestly, I think I love reading the reviews to better understand the wide range in people's taste and beer preferences.

It's a cool glimpse into the mind of beer fans and I can truly say that it's inspiring me to work even harder to make the BEST beer possible and to make Twinpanzee Brewing Co a reality.

A special thank you to the person that added us and our brews on Untappd! We really really appreciate it!

Please remember to support our Kickstarter project by making a pledge at:

Thanks in advance for your generosity & cheers to you!

Nervous about today's beer tasting event!

Our first beer tasting event is only 6.5 hours away and I'm a nervous wreck!  Last night I was mentally checking everything off in my head over and over and was unable to sleep.  Beer ready?  Check!  Jockey box ready? Check!  CO2 tanks full? Check!  Merchandise ready?  Check!  Am I ready?  Uh...when am I ever really ready?!?!  :-)

Our jockey box and CO2 equipment

The weeks leading up to today were filled with a ton of work: brewing, transferring beer, kegging, carbonating, contacting the media, taking RSVPs and reaching out to a TON of people to make our first tasting event a reality.  To make things even more interesting, we were unexpectedly contacted by the supplier of our Kickstarter rewards at 9:30am on Friday...and were told that our growlers and pint glasses would arrive by Noon that same day.  Thankfully we were home and were able to receive and unpack our really cool growlers and pint glasses (which along with our t-shirts, stickers and bottle openers will be raffled off at today's beer tasting!).

Official Twinpanzee Brewing Co growlers and pint glasses have arrived!

I think my nerves come from the fact that I really really want today's beer tasting to go off without a hitch and to see people enjoying our beer. Especially the last part, I really want to make sure that everyone enjoys the beer as it's really the first time we're having a really large group of people sample our beer. 

Today's beer list with last-minute drawings by the Head Primate himself.

Before today, the most people that have sampled our beer was around 30-40 people. Today's event has over 200 RSVPs!!!!  Can you feel the pressure?  Maybe it's the lack of sleep combined with the nerves, by my usual food loving self has been feeling full. As soon as I wake up, I'm usually thinking about a cup of coffee and a tasty breakfast.  This morning, the thought of coffee or food is making me really really nauseous and all I want is water....that's it.

Oh well, I promise you all that by the time the beer tasting starts we'll be ready to go and I'll be happily pouring our beer.  Crossing my fingers that everything goes off without a hitch!  Wish us luck and thanks for reading!

Please remember to support our Kickstarter project by making a pledge at:

Thanks in advance for your generosity & cheers to you!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Kickstarter Update #3: Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July!!

Happy 4th of July from the Twinpanzee family!
Happy 4th of July from the Twinpanzee family!
Thank YOU very much! With your help, we zoomed past the $4K mark and are well on our way to $5K and higher! We truly appreciate everyone's help in sharing our Kickstarter page and we are VERY thankful to everyone that has generously made a pledge to our project.

Twinpanzee Brewing Co In the Media

We've had an AMAZING week with two phenomenal Twinpanzee Brewing Co articles on both and If you haven't read the articles yet, please visit the following links:
We capped off this week with a new interview by Northern Virginia Magazine and are thankful that people are interested in hearing our story. There are some other interviews scheduled and we'll continue our media blitz to share the Twinpanzee Brewing Co story. Please take a few minutes and click on the DCBeer and Better Beer Authority articles.

Just One Week Away From the July 12th Beer Tasting!

We're just ONE WEEK away from the Twinpanzee Brewing Co tasting event at PING in Arlington, VA. If you haven't already done so, please RSVP for this tasting event by sending us an email ( or via our Facebook event page:

Once again thank you all for your help and support and we look forward to seeing you all on July 12th. Have a safe and fun 4th of July weekend.

Cheers and remember, make your beer a VA craft beer!

Please remember to support our Kickstarter project by making a pledge at:

Thanks in advance for your generosity & cheers to you!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Kickstarter Update #2: Let's Rally to $4K this week & our July 12th beer tasting!

It's Monday, but we're doing a happy primate dance...

We're starting off week #2 of our Kickstarter project with some great news for all those that have donated: Boxes upon boxes of Twinpanzee Brewing Co rewards have started to arrive!! We have some great looking t-shirts, official Twinpanzee Brew Co stickers, snazzy bottle openers, and uber cool coasters all sitting in our home. The Twinpanzee pint glasses and growlers proofs have just been approved and we anticipate they'll arrive in time for our complimentary beer tasting on July 12th at PING.

Complimentary beer tasting?

Yep, you heard right! We're celebrating our Kickstarter campaign by pouring three tasty Twinpanzee Brewing Co brews at PING on July 12th from noon-2pm. If you're 21 or older and are in the Northern VA area, please RSVP using the following Facebook event page link or via the email address.

Please continue to share our Kickstarter page with friends, family and coworkers!

We're working hard to hit the $4K mark this week as we ramp up our primate powered media blitz. Here are a few easy to remember URLs for our Kickstarter page and July 12th tasting event:


Tasting Event:

We hope to meet as many people as possible at PING on July 12th. Until then, have a wonderful week and please please please help us to spread the Twinpanzee Brewing Co love!

Thanks & CHEERS to everyone that has already donated & shared our Kickstarter info!

Please remember to support our Kickstarter project by making a pledge at:

Thanks in advance for your generosity & cheers to you!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Kickstarter Update #1: Only 2 days old and feeling the love!

Thank you...those are the first two words that come to mind as we near the end to our 2nd day on Kickstarter.

We are astounded that we are only $50 from hitting $3K! This further strengthens our belief that Twinpanzee Brewing Co will reach the ultimate $100k goal. It's because of all of you that you're making a the dreams of a Fairfax County boy (born & raised) come true.

Twinpanzee Brewing Co will come to Fairfax County, and it will be because of YOU! Thank you so much for your generosity and please share our link:

Big primate hugs,

~Antonio, Maha & the chimps