Saturday, July 12, 2014

Nervous about today's beer tasting event!

Our first beer tasting event is only 6.5 hours away and I'm a nervous wreck!  Last night I was mentally checking everything off in my head over and over and was unable to sleep.  Beer ready?  Check!  Jockey box ready? Check!  CO2 tanks full? Check!  Merchandise ready?  Check!  Am I ready?  Uh...when am I ever really ready?!?!  :-)

Our jockey box and CO2 equipment

The weeks leading up to today were filled with a ton of work: brewing, transferring beer, kegging, carbonating, contacting the media, taking RSVPs and reaching out to a TON of people to make our first tasting event a reality.  To make things even more interesting, we were unexpectedly contacted by the supplier of our Kickstarter rewards at 9:30am on Friday...and were told that our growlers and pint glasses would arrive by Noon that same day.  Thankfully we were home and were able to receive and unpack our really cool growlers and pint glasses (which along with our t-shirts, stickers and bottle openers will be raffled off at today's beer tasting!).

Official Twinpanzee Brewing Co growlers and pint glasses have arrived!

I think my nerves come from the fact that I really really want today's beer tasting to go off without a hitch and to see people enjoying our beer. Especially the last part, I really want to make sure that everyone enjoys the beer as it's really the first time we're having a really large group of people sample our beer. 

Today's beer list with last-minute drawings by the Head Primate himself.

Before today, the most people that have sampled our beer was around 30-40 people. Today's event has over 200 RSVPs!!!!  Can you feel the pressure?  Maybe it's the lack of sleep combined with the nerves, by my usual food loving self has been feeling full. As soon as I wake up, I'm usually thinking about a cup of coffee and a tasty breakfast.  This morning, the thought of coffee or food is making me really really nauseous and all I want is water....that's it.

Oh well, I promise you all that by the time the beer tasting starts we'll be ready to go and I'll be happily pouring our beer.  Crossing my fingers that everything goes off without a hitch!  Wish us luck and thanks for reading!

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