Monday, June 30, 2014

Kickstarter Update #2: Let's Rally to $4K this week & our July 12th beer tasting!

It's Monday, but we're doing a happy primate dance...

We're starting off week #2 of our Kickstarter project with some great news for all those that have donated: Boxes upon boxes of Twinpanzee Brewing Co rewards have started to arrive!! We have some great looking t-shirts, official Twinpanzee Brew Co stickers, snazzy bottle openers, and uber cool coasters all sitting in our home. The Twinpanzee pint glasses and growlers proofs have just been approved and we anticipate they'll arrive in time for our complimentary beer tasting on July 12th at PING.

Complimentary beer tasting?

Yep, you heard right! We're celebrating our Kickstarter campaign by pouring three tasty Twinpanzee Brewing Co brews at PING on July 12th from noon-2pm. If you're 21 or older and are in the Northern VA area, please RSVP using the following Facebook event page link or via the email address.

Please continue to share our Kickstarter page with friends, family and coworkers!

We're working hard to hit the $4K mark this week as we ramp up our primate powered media blitz. Here are a few easy to remember URLs for our Kickstarter page and July 12th tasting event:


Tasting Event:

We hope to meet as many people as possible at PING on July 12th. Until then, have a wonderful week and please please please help us to spread the Twinpanzee Brewing Co love!

Thanks & CHEERS to everyone that has already donated & shared our Kickstarter info!

Please remember to support our Kickstarter project by making a pledge at:

Thanks in advance for your generosity & cheers to you!

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