Saturday, July 12, 2014

Wahoooo!! Someone added us to Untappd!!

Well nerves be damned we had an AWESOME beer tasting event!!!  I'll sum everything up in a later post, but here's the coolest part...


Our beer tasting brews on Untappd! SO COOL!!

It's SO cool to see our brewery's name, our brews and reviews about our beer!  Right now my ego is growing and growing as I love seeing the ratings and reading the user feedback. Honestly, I think I love reading the reviews to better understand the wide range in people's taste and beer preferences.

It's a cool glimpse into the mind of beer fans and I can truly say that it's inspiring me to work even harder to make the BEST beer possible and to make Twinpanzee Brewing Co a reality.

A special thank you to the person that added us and our brews on Untappd! We really really appreciate it!

Please remember to support our Kickstarter project by making a pledge at:

Thanks in advance for your generosity & cheers to you!

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