Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Making new friends

In all of the hustle and bustle of working a full-time job and using free evenings to plan the brewery, it's nice to make some new contacts and talk beer whenever the opportunity presents itself.  The title of this entry uses the word "friends" which alludes to something I'm learning as the wife and I are trying to get our brewery-to-be off the ground.  It's all about networking and making new contacts.

Every person we talk to, each new contact we make helps us get the word out about Twinpanzee Brewing Company.  Every time we share a business card and people see our logo (and understand the reason behind two happy apes), we have made a new contact.  All of those contacts will hopefully remember us when we finally open our doors and most importantly, they'll come try our beer.  After-all our beer is Craft beer brewed by primates with discerning taste and style.

Many of the contacts we make are full of great information, wisdom, guidance, experience and knowledge that all serve to help our company as we (the wife and I) learn.  For each person that I've had the distinct pleasure of chatting with or shaking your hand, thank you.  Thank you for taking the time to talk beer and to learn about Twinpanzee Brewing Company.  You motivate us to work hard to bring our dream to fruition as we see the smiles and looks of joy when we say, "We're starting a brewery".

Just today I was at meeting for new entrepreneurs where I had the distinct treat of having a room full of over 60 people cheer and applaud after I introduced myself and said, "I'm working on opening the first full minority owned microbrewery in Fairfax County."  The applause and cheers made me smile and served to further fuel this dream.  At that moment I wished our brewery was already open so I could invite this room full of new accolade giving fans to try one of our tasty brews.  After the meeting I handed out handfuls of business cards to eager new contacts whose smiles and eager handshakes made me feel like we had made new friends.

It's this motivation that is our driving force to someday open our doors to you and pour you a pint of one of our many tasty brews.  Thank you.

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