Monday, April 21, 2014

Lights, camera, beer....ACTION!

In a serious British narrator's voice:

Observe the ever elusive "urban beer making primate" or as they're known in latin: Magister Primates Cervesarius.  See how the primate reaches for his specialized tool and mixes ingredients in an almost instinctive way to produce a most enjoyable beverage to be shared with his community...

What are we talking about?  Well this Easter Sunday, the fine folks at Take a Penny Productions generously donated their Sunday to film the Twinpanzee Brewing Company family and friends in their natural habitat.  We talked beer, we shared our story, we laughed all while enjoying some tasty Twinpanzee brews and delicious food.

Megan and Aaron of Take a Penny Productions interviewed the entire primate family and friends in order to help document and share the entire story behind the Twinpanzee Brewing Company.  We laughed, we talked, we tapped a tasty keg of Roggenbier while talking beer with two of the most professional and patient people to ever have the courage to follow and document "urban beer making primates".

Megan (left) and Aaron (middle) interviewing
Frank, a Twinpanzee friend (right)

A great group of friends stopped by to help share the history and story behind Twinpanzee Brewing Company while all the members of the primate family were individually interviewed for our film.  Even the youngest primates, THE twins behind the "Twinpanzee" name eagerly shared their own stories and vision for our upcoming brewery.

Most of the footage will be used for our upcoming Kickstarter campaign while some clips will be used for a upcoming documentary film called "From Grain to Growler" being created by the fine folks at Take a Penny Productions.  We can't wait to see our film and we are even more eager to see "From Grain to Growler" which will feature many Virginia craft breweries.  If you have just a second, please take the time to visit and "like" the Facebook page of Take a Penny Productions and share their information with friends, family and coworkers that need video and media services.  Here's their URL:

It was an incredibly fun time and the relaxed-laugh-filled environment was a testament to the skill, kindness and professionalism of Aaron and Megan from Take a Penny Productions.  After a few hours, we wrapped up filming and continued to enjoy the sunny Sunday with great people enjoying ever full glasses of tasty Twinpanzee Brewing Company beer.  We can't wait to see the finished film and to share some brews at the screening!

Thanks for reading and remember to drink fresh and drink local VA craft beer.  Cheers!

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