Thursday, August 14, 2014

Moving our Twinpanzee Brewing Co fundraising campaign to a new home!

Well it's time for a move!
After taking some great advice, we've decided to move our fundraising campaign to IndieGoGo. Why are we moving our campaign to IndieGoGo?

Flexibility and increased visibility!

The flexibility part of IndieGoGo allows our supporters to make a pledge using ANY credit card or your PayPal account! You don't have to register for an Amazon account and don't have to link it to your Kickstarter account. IndieGoGo allows users to makes it easier to make a pledge by using whatever credit card you have or by using your PayPal account.

The visibility part of our move allows us to get away from the spawn of "I wanna make potato salad" campaigns on Kickstarter. Our project seems to have been buried under similar "I want to make beer" type campaigns that sadly have taken away from more deserving projects. Although Kickstarter claims to review projects prior to allowing them to go live, Kickstarter is overflowing with these type of nonsense projects hoping to cash in on goofy campaigns.

For this reason, we are kindly asking all of our current backers to PLEASE cancel your Kickstarter pledges and make a similar pledge on our IndieGoGo project. You can get to our project via the following links.

IndieGoGo URL:

Twinpanzee URLs:

We know it's a HUGE risk to relaunch our fundraising campaign on a different site, but we feel the flexibility and visibility on IndieGoGo will better help us meet our goals. We're going to leave our Kickstarter project page up and running until it expires next Thursday (August 21st) as a way to redirect users to our IndieGoGo project page. Because we're far from reaching our $25,000 goal, none of our backers will be charged...promise!

So please help us get the word out and visit our new home on IndieGoGo. We've adjusted our reward levels in order to make sure we can reach our newly set goal. Thanks so much for your support and time and we hope you'll check out our new fundraising campaign at IndieGoGo. All the best and remember to please support your local breweries & cheers to VA beer!